FCA Regulatory Update

The Jenga IP team is pleased to announce it has received its regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority “FCA”, the UK’s financial regulatory body, to manage an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), carry out regulated activities, arrange deals in investments, advice on investments, and safeguard assets. (FRN: 973457)

The application process was a pivotal period for us to reflect on the type of firm we want to build over the long term. During the application process, Jenga updated its operational policies and legal scope with the support of our compliance consultant, Effecta Compliance Ltd and our onshore and offshore legal counsel, Haynes & Boone and Ogier. 

Several firms have been appointed to provide further services across fund administration, prime brokerage, professional indemnity and D&O insurance, audit and accounting, among others. Jenga looks forward to working with these companies as we launch and grow our Global Equities Fund. 

Ensuring we operate with the necessary financial flexibility is crucial and the management company has capitalised its balance sheet with two years of operational costs. This will allow the team to focus on delivering a high-quality service to its clients.

We started our journey in 2019 as an investment club with a passion for investing in equities and we are glad we can continue building on this passion in a regulated environment. In a statement from our CEO, “We worked hard to gain our FCA regulatory permissions and now, we must work even harder to maintain our licence by operating within the regulatory guidelines while delivering a high-quality service to clients.”

Thank you to our executive directors (SMF 3), Anil Joshi and Steve Middleton, for providing their expertise during the application process. They will both continue to serve as executive directors and we look forward to their support as we grow over the next years. 

Jenga remains 100% employee-owned and with the regulatory and initial operational hurdles now completed, we are glad we can now focus on delivering performance and value creation for clients in a fully aligned manner.

Jenga Investment Partners Ltd (“Jenga IP”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 973457 and registered as a limited company in England – Company No 13715082. The Briefings is prepared by, is the property of Jenga IP. and is circulated for informational and educational purposes only. Additionally, Jenga’s actual investment positions often will, vary from its conclusions discussed herein based on a number of factors, such as portfolio rebalancing and transactions costs, among others. Recipients should consult their own advisors, including tax advisors, before making any investment decision. 

This report is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the securities or other instruments mentioned. Jenga IP research utilizes data and information from public and private sources. Sources include, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bloomberg Finance L.P., Consensus Economics Inc., Dealogic LLC, Eurasia Group Ltd., Factset Research Systems, Inc., The Financial Times Limited, Global Financial Data, Inc., Haver Analytics, Inc., The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), International Energy Agency, Markit Economics, Moody’s Analytics, Inc., MSCI, Inc., National Bureau of Economic Research, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Refinitiv, S&P Global Market Intelligence Inc., Tokyo Stock Exchange, United Nations, US Department of Commerce, and World Economic Forum. While we consider information from external sources to be reliable, we do not assume responsibility for its accuracy.

The views expressed herein are solely those of Jenga as of the date of this report and are subject to change without notice.

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