InMode – Investment Presentation

The Israeli high-technology medical devices and equipment industry has produced a few success stories, with InMode now leading this sector. 

We believe InMode is a high-quality aesthetics device company with industry-leading results. As of its last quarterly update, Q2 2021, InMode had three segments Minimally-Invasive (70%), Hands-free (23%) and Noninvasive (7%). -% of revenue sales. 

InMode’s 2020 products like Morpheus8 and Evoke have outperformed initial expectations. Their co-founders, Moshe Mizrahy and Dr Michael Kerindel, previously founded Syneron and have established a track record of success. The current executive team has over 15 years of medical aesthetics industry experience.

In the investment presentation below, we detail our investment outlook for InMode. 

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