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The food review: Cannabis 

14th June 2021

Image by Pat Kwon

The sports apparel boom 

9th May 2021

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Investing in the creator economy

29th March 2021

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Cyclical Investing: Restaurants 

8th March 2021

Image by Madalyn Cox

The food review: Breakfast 

7th June 2021


Growth in no-growth industries​

19th April 2021

Image by Markus Winkler

Opportunities in smaller caps 

22nd March 2021

Mexican Pesos

Inflation and our optimistic Etsy view 

1st March 2021

Image by Jason Blackeye

Renewables (wind and solar) 

24th May 2021

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Investing in the gig economy

12th April 2021

Image by Jannis Lucas

Cyclical Luxury goods: Moncler S.p.A. 

15th March 2021

Economy News

Market Bubbles, compounders and video games. 

22nd February 2021