Polish Equities

A Jenga Lens into the Polish Equities Market

As global investors, our mandate permits us to scour the world for the best investments we can find, understand and value. In most cases, the companies and areas we invest in differ from our initial thoughts and a good example was our allocation to Poland. Since our first investment three years ago, Poland has quickly grown to a sizeable portion of the strategy and currently represents 20% of the portfolio allocation, only behind our largest country, China. 

The divergence between its best companies, in our view, and the overall market is what makes Poland an excellent environment for stock pickers to study and in this Polish briefing, we explore the Polish economy, its growth over the past years, the breakdown of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and four key themes we believe are shaping the investment opportunity set in Poland. 

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Table of Contents

Polish Equities – The Jenga Lens
The Polish Economy Overview
The Warsaw Stock Exchange
The Polish Investment Opportunity
The Polish Consumer Market
Dino Polska – Grocery retail
Information Technology
LiveChat Software S.A. – Global ambitions
Video gaming – A growing export market
PlayWay – An unconventional approach to gaming
Industrials – An Industrial market
Mo-Bruk – A leader in waste management
Concluding thoughts

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