Investment Strategy

We allocate capital to the companies and people that deserve it

Our team strategy

Our approach to investing is simple. We examine businesses and seek to understand their economics, management team, competitive advantages and growth potential. We buy shares in companies we believe are undervalued with a margin of safety and upside. We sell them when we think they have reached their worth regardless of popular opinion.

We invest responsibly, with the priority being to protect and enhance the net worth of our clients’ investments.

The Jenga Lens

The Jenga Lens is our internal analytical tools used to analyse investment opportunities.
We follow a 5 step process to finding and investing in companies with;

Solid Business Economics

Durable competitive advantages

Owner-oriented management teams

Margin of safety and upside

Concentrated amount of high quality opportunities

While these sound familiar, our creativity and youth to exploring fresher investment ideas
aids our differentiated investment track record.

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